Unlike vocational courses, where there is a clear career path into a specific industry, an English degree keeps the door wide open for lots of different opportunities. You’ll find yourself with plenty of transferable skills that will give you an advantage in whatever route you decide to take.

With this in mind, we’ve put together this blog to give you lots of inspiration for career paths that are well suited to an English graduate:


Teaching is one of the most rewarding career paths you can take. You’ll be able to inspire future generations and see the difference you are making on a daily basis.

An English degree gives you a great foundation for going into teaching. As a core subject, in high demand, you’ll have plenty of employment opportunities. You can take advantage of a global job market, become a private tutor, or work flexibly through supply work.

Most English courses allow you to take modules from other disciplines, so if you have an interest in history, or want to learn another language, you will have the flexibility to explore new subjects and expand your areas of expertise as part of your degree.

If you’ve fallen in love with English, you can specialise and become the master of your subject by teaching secondary school or higher education. This path also lends itself well to writing academic texts, journals and academic books – and getting them published.


Marketing is an exciting growing industry, you’ll be able to put your writing skills into practice and use your creativity to generate interesting content. After writing your dissertation, you’ll have plenty of experience of how to structure your content coherently and make your copy come to life.

The industry is always evolving, so there are plenty of job opportunities, new skills to learn and different areas to explore.


An English degree is an excellent starting place for becoming a copywriter, it will give you confidence with grammar and spellings and a love and understanding of the English language.

Going into copywriting can provide great flexibility, you can work for an agency, freelance or even self publish through Amazon and other sites.

Script writing

Script writing can be a great way for English graduates to get into broadcasting. Having read so many different texts throughout your course, you’ll probably be full of ideas for a new plot. You could try your hand writing for TV, radio or film.

For films with a budget of over £2 million, script writers can expect to receive a minimum fee of £42,120, whilst experienced script writers can receive payments up to £150,000, so it’s definitely a career worth considering.


Another natural career progression for English alumni is entering into journalism. By writing for a magazine or newspaper you’ll be able to use your creativity and analytical mind to research and write your own stories. You’ll also have a great opportunity to develop new skills through learning to use design and editing software.

Becoming an editor is a logical next step, you’ll have developed excellent attention to detail during your course and be able to spot grammatical and spelling mistakes a mile off, which is invaluable when working in editorial.

Public Relations

Being able to communicate effectively is vital for going into PR. You’ll need excellent interpersonal skills, as well as strong verbal, written and presentation skills. All things you’ll have mastered during your English degree.

You can work for an agency, a growing business, or represent a charity. Another big plus, is as a PR director you can expect to earn up to £100,000.


Or perhaps for a slightly different career choice, some English graduates go on to become successful stand up comedians. The ability to research content and deliver it, using their creative flair and well-honed communication skills puts English grads at an advantage.

Many go on to be successful actors. Did you know Emma Watson, Hugh Grant, Renée Zellwegger and Bradley Cooper all have English degrees? You could even follow in the footsteps of other English grads, like successful singer-songwriter John Legend, or award winning film director, Martin Scorcese.

Having developed excellent transferable skills in communication (written and oral), an analytical mind with good attention to detail and the ability to work independently, or as part of a team, you really can go on to do anything you want with an English degree.

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