Being an international student has a lot of advantages. But how to get admission to a foreign University after the 12th is a significant question to many of us. Let’s take a look at how you can proceed with the admission in the most effective way. 


 6 significant Steps of getting Admission to a University Abroad 


01 – Research

Pursuing your higher education abroad requires a lot of research. For instance, you need to know the process of applying to the university, immigration rules, requirements and deadlines of your desired University and the cost of living in particular countries, etcetera. 

You can gather information from reliable websites. If you are having trouble researching, you can take help from a professional counselor on studies abroad. In this case, TCL Global can be your best choice. Without any service charge, it has been offering Education counseling to students for a decade. 

02. Shortlisting 

After you are done with your research, the very first step is to shortlist your Study Destination, University, and Courses. By the time you finish your research, you already know that not all the Universities and courses are a good option for you. Here, you need to take the decision very carefully as it determines your career path in the future.


If you don’t want to mess up things just because you aren’t experienced enough, get assistance from an Education Consultant Agency. As you know, there is a saying that “two heads are better than one”.  It will not only help you to make better decisions but also make your process faster. 


Apply here to get in touch with our team of Experts on Higher Education Abroad. 


03 -Get prepared for the Exams to face

To demonstrate your proficiency in English, you need to go through some English Language tests like IELTS. TOEFL, GMAT, SAT, etc depending on your chosen University and Courses. Start preparing yourself for the tests from this time and forth. 

04 – Application

Now you are finally at the most significant step of getting admission to a foreign University. Providing the precise and accurate information you need to submit your application to the respective University. This step may sound very easy but accomplishing this one is the most difficult task. 

To get help with submitting your Application, Contact TCL Global. We provide assistance with the entire process of getting your admission done to your desired university without any service charge. 


05 – Acceptance offer 

Getting the Acceptance Offer is the most awaited part. It’s the initial document for your provisional admission. You’ll get all the information related to your admission and studying period. Please keep in mind that it’s not the final approval yet.

06 – Visa documentation

After you receive the CAS letter of Acceptance offer, start processing your student VISA. The letter of Acceptance is the most significant document to show your eligibility to get the student visa. Apply following the right procedures without delay. Delaying this step can cause a great loss. 

07 – Departure

 Finally, you are at the final stage when you are ready for departure. Make sure to take all the necessary documents and papers with you while packing your backpack. Try to keep calm. It’s time for a new journey towards your future. 


Wrap Up

Getting admission to a foreign University and accomplishing your Higher education teach you to overcome the challenges of living in another country and gain a greater understanding of the world. 

Get the best assistance for admission to a university in the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia. TCL Global has partnerships with more than 100 Universities around the world that can ease and smooth your journey of getting admission to your desired University. 

Fill in our simple Application form and our team will be in touch shortly.

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