Having a part-time job at university can be a great way to gain some experience in your chosen career path, or get transferable skills and provide a regular income to help with your student loan. 

Now 66% of students have part-time jobs. Some good places to look can be at university job fairs, on social media, using job search tools, recruitment agencies, or your network (a friend or family member may have a company that you would like to work for), or just go and hand out CVs. 

To help you find what would suit you best, we’ve put together 10 of the best part-time jobs for students: 

1) Work at the university 

You don’t need to go far to find a job that will fit in well around your studies. You could get a job on campus and work in the cafe, student union, bar or restaurant. It can be a great way to be involved in the student nightlife, whilst getting paid! 

There are also opportunities to become a student ambassador, representing the uni and promoting it on open days. 

2) Online tutoring  

A great way to take full advantage of the knowledge you are learning on your course is to become an online tutor. It offers a flexible way of working that can fit around your studies. You’ll be offered training, resources and you’ll be welcomed into a tutor community so that it is easy to share ideas and experiences. 

You can take home up to £20 per hour, with opportunities to progress and make even more. Online tutoring is great work experience for a career in education and will provide excellent transferable skills to take into any workplace. 

3) Freelance writer 

Writing for a magazine is a great way to gain experience. Even if you decide to write on a voluntary basis, there are perks like receiving complimentary tickets to review gigs, so you’ll get to have an active social life that is free! 

4) Hospitality  

Working in hospitality is a great social job and you’ll get to meet lots of people. Working in a bar will mean your friends can come in and join you for a drink. You could even try your hand at DJing and become the life and soul of the party. 

Working in a restaurant is ideal, as one of the biggest perks when you are on a student budget is the tips that top up your hourly rate, plus free food! 

5) Retail  

There are plenty of job opportunities in retail and often no previous experience is required. It’s also easy to find temporary seasonal work, at busy peak times like Christmas, that can fit around studying. 

6) Support worker  

This is one of the most rewarding jobs, as with support work you can make a genuine difference to people’s lives. With an average hourly pay of up to £12.26, support work is also one of the best paid part-time roles for students. 

7) Administration 

A role in administration is great to build up some office experience and get transferable skills. Customer service advisors need good people skills, receptionists and administrators need good attention to detail and time management skills, which will give you confidence entering the workplace once you graduate. 

8) Delivery driver  

With the increased popularity in online shopping and home food deliveries, delivery drivers are in great demand. This role gives you the opportunity to work flexible hours and get to know the wider area better. 

9) Labourer 

Becoming a labourer and working outdoors is a great way to get some fresh air and exercise, which are good for your well-being. With roles in gardening and construction, you’ll be able to pick up some handy skills for the future and get some much-needed vitamin D! 

10) Warehouse operative  

A warehouse operative helps to pick and pack products and is vital in quality checking. Temporary or seasonal work is readily available at peak trading times, which can work well around studying. You’ll be able to demonstrate to future employers that you have good attention to detail and are able to work well under pressure.  

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